Madagascar: Blue Ventures targets poverty as well as biodiversity conservation

Generating blue carbon credits through the sustainable management of mangroves is helping alleviate poverty and support biodiversity conservation in Madagascar’s coastal areas. The mangroves not only support globally important marine biodiversity but also the traditional livelihoods and fisheries of some of the world’s most vulnerable coastal communities. Yet they are under threat due to unregulated harvesting for timber and charcoal.

Mangroves are particularly important for women. Women don’t have alternative ways of making money when mangroves are degraded.

Fisherwoman and project monitor

Blue Ventures is contributing to the science required to make community-led, rights-based blue carbon projects a reality and building the capacity of local management associations to protect their mangroves. Its approach is based on the belief that blue carbon projects should go beyond simply fulfilling the conditions of Free, Prior and Informed Consent - they should in fact be driven and wholly managed by local stakeholders.

Profits from the project go back to the community through development initiatives such as education and infrastructure.

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